Corporate & About Us

Nazar Asansör’ You can get to know history well.

Nazar Elevator was established in 2002 by Mustafa ÇALICI and Mehmet KORKMAZ by stepping into the sector with wholesale of elevator materials. As of 2004, Elevator Cabinet, Elevator Control Panels, Revision Sets, Automatic Door, production of the materials produced by selling their own production began.

Elevator Cabins
You can get an idea by examining examples of elevator cabins.

Elevator Doors
Model and properties of elevator doors.

Elevator Buttons
The shortest way to see your floor.

Elevator Spare Parts
All elevator parts that are worn or needed.

Your Solution Partner For Years With The Trust We Have Received From You

Other Lifts

Barrier stretcher cabins and panoramic lift cabins.

Decorastyle Stainless

It offers more than you want to see indoors.

Ceiling Options

Designs that bring aesthetics and elegance to your elevator ceilings.

Control Panels

Strong and heroic equipment that is invisible to the eye.

Laminated Glass

Enclosed glass models that add freshness and peace.

Floor Options

Base options for those who pay attention to where they step.

Nazar Elevator's
Strong Machine Area

Do not include new ones in the Nazar Elevator machine park every day.

After TSE and CE quality certificates, such as Elevator cabin manufacturing, Automatic Door Manufacturing, Semi-Automatic Door manufacturing, Elevator Panel manufacturing, offers you more quality and reliable.




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